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CCPL - Winter League This is the Cuyahoga County Pistol League. If you are the best pistol shot in the Cleveland, Ohio or NE Ohio area, you know CCPL already. This is a team competition of the best of the best. Several teams from North East Ohio compete with .22 caliber pistols and revolvers in a Conventional Pistol series of matches to claim the title. CCPL Home page provides the scheduling and statistical record of both Team and Individual effort.

This is pure pistol sport. Shooting at a paper target of concentric circles, Off-hand (means "one hand, unsupported"), .22 caliber, Slow Fire, Timed Fire (20 Sec.), and Rapid Fire (10 Sec.) 10 shots each for a total of 30 shots, where a perfect score is 300, and I have not seen a perfect score in years (and years). 50 feet at a target with a bulls eye about the size of a quarter.

This is a group where Masters are distinguished from High Masters.

Dirty Harry Revolver 2009 Called the 'Dirty Harry' league, this is center fire, double action revolver, bridging the season between Winter and Summer leagues. Old School Guts Wheel Gun action the way Clint Eastwood pretended he could shoot. The Manly version of a Manly sport.

Center Fire, .32 or larger, .44 or .45 ACP. 5 minute slow fire, 25 second timed fire, and 15 second rapid fire. All shots fired in Double Action mode, starting with pistols down at commence fire. Offhand (one hand, unsupported). This is pure pistol sport.

S&W 29-2 .44 Magnum
Summer League Summer League is .22 caliber NRA Conventional Pistol training season. Very friendly group of shooters meeting on Monday evening at 7:00 PM during the Summer months.
  • 30 Shots per match
    • 10 shots slow fire, 10 rounds in 10 minutes.
    • 10 shots timed fire, two 5 round strings, 20 seconds per string
    • 10 shots rapid fire, two 5 round strings, 10 seconds per string

Maximum score is 300 points per match, and we've not seen one of those lately.

Bullseye Pistol Gear

First Shots

Periodically, NOSC offers a First Shot course. The next class is Feb 21, 2015, 1pm-4pm.

The NRA First Steps Pistol Orientation class is designed as an introduction to handgun shooting. Attendees will receive training in firearms safety, proper grip, stance, sight alignment, trigger squeeze, breath control, follow thru, and more. This class is open to members, their family, and friends. If you have it, you should bring a handgun, 25 rounds of ammunition, eye protection, and ear protection. We will have some spares for those who won't have the necessary equipment. There is a $25 fee for this class.

For this class, you must register on the NRA website.


Periodically, NOSC offers CCW/CHL courses to satisfy the State of Ohio requirements for Concealed Handgun License. (CHL)

The cost is $120 with some discounts. This program is run on a break-even basis. Included are the 2 books each student gets to keep, the NRA safety course materials and the best, most comprehensive CCW book our instructors have found to date. Due to an increasing amount of No-Shows to our classes we have implemented a non-refundable deposit ($50) be made at time of registration. You may change your class date seven days prior to your scheduled class if you are unable to attend, but if you simply do not show up your deposit will be forfeited.

It is wise to consider having one's spouse/significant other get their CHL, too. If you must leave your weapon in your vehicle when entering the post office or other restricted non-carry areas, then the person in the car could get charged with a felony. (ORC 2923.16I)

For more info, call Joel Chaney at (216) 258-1380. The e-mail address is: FORMS:More Info


International Defensive Pistol Association

IDPA as a sport is simply the use of practical equipment including full charge service ammunition to solve simulated “real world” self-defense scenarios. Shooters competing in IDPA events are required to use practical handguns and holsters that are truly suitable for self-defense use. No “competition only” equipment is permitted in IDPA matches since the main goal is to test the skill and ability of an individual, not his equipment or gamesmanship. Join the IDPA

IDPA at North Olmsted Sportsman's Club

Our club has an active IDPA program. Club members meet on Friday evenings to pratice their defensive pistol skills. See our club calendar for a schedule of IPDA events. IDPA courses of fire are changed each week to simulate various self-defense scenarios. Both accuracy and speed are tested in these scenarios.

All club members are invited to join in this exciting, fun and practical shooting sport. Non-members are invited to come and see IPDA in action. Each participant must attend an NOSC/IDPA Orientation before shooting for the first time at NOSC. Orientation is usually held on the last Friday of the month -- check the Club Calendar for exact dates. The minimum age of participants in IDPA events at NOSC is 18 years of age.


NOSC Senior Rifle Smallbore (.22) and High Power The NOSC Senior Rifle program is active in both indoor smallbore and outdoor high power marksmanship. The program is open to all NOSC members, their guests, and junior shooters. We shoot indoors at the NOSC range during the winter and during the summer we move outdoors coaching and shooting with junior shooters at South Cuyahoga Sportsman\'s Club in Media county. Shooting is every Thursday evening in the winter at 7PM.

As with many NOSC programs it is free to shooters under 18 years old, and they need not be members. In most cases we can even provide junior shooters equipment, ammunition, and coaching. A great way to get more range time in addition to the NOSC Junior Rifle program.

All shooting is carried out under the supervision of a trained Range Officer. The focus is on safety and marksmanship skills. Shooters have the opportunity to practice various positions and courses of fire used in NRA and CMP National Match competitions. For more information contact Program Director Terry Park, or email

Date Night

6:00 Potluck Dinner, Shooting at 7:00, RSVP to Steve Levine at or 440-250-9500 Ext.214. Please join us for a fun night of shooting, food and conversation.

Jr. Rifle

NOSC Jr. Rifle program will start on Sunday October 11 2015. This is a NRA program and is open to open to shooters 10 to 18. Three sessions are available; 10 AM and 12:30 PM (noonish). Scores from other clubs will be accepted, so be sure to retain a copy.

The NOSC Junior Rifle program is designed to introduce young people to the sport of rifle shooting, and to provide them with a safe place to practice that sport. We want our young shooters to acquire the physical and mental skill and discipline needed to accurately shoot a .22 caliber rifle. We also want them to know how to handle all types of firearms safely and responsibly. There is no safety in ignorance. All of our instructors are NRA certified and we're affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program. NOSC is a CMP Affiliated Club.

Cost? The NOSC Junior Rifle program is offered free of charge. We provide rifles, ammunition, shooting mats, targets. (Eye and ear protection is required during live fire on the range!) You are encouraged to bring your own eye and ear protection, and may also bring any other equipment you might have. Rifles must be bolt-action, single fire .22 caliber - no semi-autos - preferably with aperture (peep) sights. So if you want to bring your own target rifle, that's fine with us!

Who? Our Junior Rifle program is open to all US citizens. You do not need to be a member of North Olmsted Sportsman's Club to participate. Any young person old enough - and mature enough - to follow the rules and obey instructions, and big enough to safely handle a .22 rifle, is welcome. Our current shooters range in age from 10 to 18. Written parental permission is required - we'll provide the forms - and parents need to be present at the shoots. Also, it doesn't matter if your child has ever fired - or even handled - a firearm before. We begin with a thorough introduction to safe firearm handling, and allow each member to develop their skills at their own pace. For more information: Contact the Junior Rifle Program Instructors at NOSC.

Schedule: We maintain a electronic calendar of events. Times are 10:00 AM; 12:30 PM; 3:00 PM See you there!

Scores: Your scores will be available online soon.

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NOSC Trap is classic Shotgun flying clay bird competition and meets at the Outdoor Trap Range on alternate Sundays. The competition is fierce and the hospitality is astonishing. Novices are welcome, and Masters are warned. Link to Trap page


Have questions on how to get started on reloading.

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