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North Olmsted Sportsman's Club (NOSC)Location PhoneMailing Addresslook
NOSC is a shooting sports oriented club
with facilities and programs that cover
Trap (shotgun), Indoor Pistol, and Indoor
Rifle sports, as well as educational
programs for youth and adults.
It is a private club with membership
open to the public and is located in the
Greater Cleveland area, at:
5743 Bradley Road
North Olmsted, OH 44070
440-777-3574 North Olmsted Sportsman's Club
P.O. Box 605
North Olmsted, Ohio 44070-0605
NOSC Front Porch

2015 Officers

PresidentBill Prest TrusteeRay Kling
Vice PresidentDan White ** Trustee Barry Barnett**
Treasurer Dexter Moran**TrusteeWesley Eddy
Secretary Larry Ackerman Trustee Dale Cable
AlternateChristopher Schrantz** TrusteeDan Karapandzic

** indicates elected this year

2015 Dues Notice

Notices have been sent but if you have not received yours yet why wait? Dues can be paid via credit card via the shop.
Or you can visit this Notice2015 and fill out the form manually.

2014 NOSC Training

If you are an existing Certified Range Safety Officer (CRSO) or Range Safety Officer (RSO), you must take one refresher course per year.

If you would like to become a CRSO or RSO and be given a door key card, you must register for the appropriate course for the level you wish to receive. There is a $10 fee for the door card. You also need to be a member of NOSC for at least one year to receive your card, but you can take the training before reaching the one year mark.

All new members are required to take New Member Training before being allowed to shoot on the range. The new member training is also open to existing members or their household members who would like to receive basic safety training.

You must register for the class you wish to attend. [Click here to register.]

Feb 1, 9am-12pm - New Member training
April 26, 9am-10am - CRSO/RSO refresher
May 4, 7pm-10pm - New Member training
May 17, 9am-6pm - New CRSO training
June 14, 9am-12pm - New RSO training
August 9, 9am-12pm - New Member training
September 20, 7pm-8pm - CRSO/RSO refresher
October 11, 9am-12pm - New RSO training This class has been canceled.
November 1, 9am-6pm - New CRSO training
November 15, 3pm-6pm - New Member training

Club Calendar

CLUB CALENDAR-click here

Today's Events

Monday, Dec 22
    Tuesday, Dec 23

      Refund Policy

      In order to process credit cards we need to have a refund policy on our web site.
      Refund policy

      Members Area

      We have created a members only website that will allow you to find range officers, print membership card and update your profile information.
      Please create your login at Members

      NRA CCW/CHL Classes at NOSC

      See the CCW Page for class details, or contact Joel Chaney at 216-258-1380

      Ohio State Smallbore Pistol Competition

      See the OSSB for details.

      NRA Instructor Class

      No classes currently scheduled. Contact Dan White at to be notified when the next class is scheduled.

      Local Business Listings

      SB Defense Supply, Local Dillon Precision Sales. sbdefensesupply
      Northcoast Firearms Training. NorthcoastFirearmsTraining
      (if you would like a listing on the website please ask a board member)

      Safety Briefing

      Draft of Indoor Range Safety Briefing

      Rules and Policies

      Constitution & By-Laws Rules & Policies

      Membership Information

      Join NOSC Join the NRA Join the IDPA

      If you are interested in joining NOSC please fill out an application at the club.

      Tournament Scores

      Summer League Scores Dirty Harry Scores CENTER FIRE scores

      Programs & Miscellaneous

      Programs Club House For_Sale

      Editors and Contributors

      Members are all eligible to become an Editor of this website. There are no pre-qualifications, beyond asking for it. If you post helpful content, all members will benefit. Personal, Political, or Religious content are not relevant to this site, unless directly related to Second Amendment issues.

      The system that makes this web site possible is the MediaWiki platform, the same system that powers the Wikipedia online encyclopedia. Follow the link below to learn more about how to use MediaWiki.

      Getting Started with MediaWiki

      Firearm Appraisal

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