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5743 Bradley Road
North Olmsted, OH 44070

Phone: 440-777-3574
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Jim Barta Memorial Indoor Range

The 50 foot indoor range, 10 position heated, ventilated, auto timed turning target, with a rubber backstop to minimize airborne dust. Pistols up to .45 and rifles of .22 are permitted, as well as carbines that use pistol caliber ammunition.

We discourage the use of hollow point bullets because of excessive wear on rubber the backstop. Lead round, wad cutter, semi-wadcutter and jacketed (FMJ) are suggested.

Main Clubhouse

Q: May I bring a family member? Are they considered a guest?

A: NOSC membership is a family membership. You may bring your wife, minor son or daughter, or significant other. Your wife can come without bringing you. This is encouraged. A brother, mother, adult child, cousin, brother-in-law, etc. is not a family member in terms of NOSC membership, but can be considered a guest.

Q: May I bring a non-member guest to the range?

A: Yes. The purpose of the guest accomodation is to show hospitality to visitors and recruit new members. The unspoken general rule is one guest per member at a time. The member and the guest use the same shooting position and alternate as active shooters. The same non-member guest should apply for membership by the third visit.

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