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CCPL - Winter League

This is the Cuyahoga County Pistol League. If you are the best pistol shot in the Cleveland, Ohio or NE Ohio area, you know CCPL already. This is a team competition of the best of the best. Several teams from North East Ohio compete with .22 caliber pistols and revolvers in a Conventional Pistol series of matches to claim the title. CCPL Home page provides the scheduling and statistical record of both Team and Individual effort.

This is pure pistol sport. Shooting at a paper target of concentric circles, Off-hand (means "one hand, unsupported"), .22 caliber, Slow Fire, Timed Fire (20 Sec.), and Rapid Fire (10 Sec.) 10 shots each for a total of 30 shots, where a perfect score is 300, and I have not seen a perfect score in years (and years). 50 feet at a target with a bulls eye about the size of a quarter.

This is a group where Masters are distinguished from High Masters.


How will the final average be figured out - how many drops? 
How many matches to qualify for awards with 36 v. 48 matches? 
How many matches have to be during regular scheduled matches and not make ups?


Matches to qualify is 2/3 of the regularly scheduled matches of which ½ have to be regularly scheduled not make-up. The number of drops is calculated as the number of matches minus 12, that number ber divided by 4.

Attached is a spreadsheet that shows all of the above combinations for 24 to 50 matches. The 36 and 48 match numbers are highlighted.

Attached Spreadsheet link

Any questions……..let me know

Jim Barta

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